Career Guidance Policy

Academic and Career Counseling

Getting students ready for the world: Developing the individual ambitions of our students

The days where universities admitted students simply by looking at test scores are coming to an end. Universities in Japan and around the world are becoming more interested in students as individuals rather than simply as numbers on a piece of paper. With this change, GKA has enjoyed ever greater success at getting students admitted to universities both in Japan and abroad. For Japanese universities, our students have shown particular success in admissions through the Admissions Office process and for courses that utilize their exceptional language skills. To support students in pursuing their goals, our Career Guidance department move beyond just providing information about different universities and encourages students to reflect on their own experiences, learn more about the world around them, and encourage them to develop their own interests and passions that will allow them to stand out when applying for universities.

  1. Career Counselor
    The days where university entrance was determined simply by performance in examinations are coming to an end. As our students going to domestic universities show increasing success in admission to universities through the Admissions Office, our Career Counselors not only help students to chose which universities they apply for but help them to refine their application essays, personal statements, and practice for interviews. As our students look at universities both inside and outside Japan, we have counselors that specialise in domestic and international applications, and to facilitate applications to the US and UK,  we are a one of only 20 registered SAT Test Centers in Japan and a UCAS Registered Centre.
  2. After School
    After School Classes are implemented for students in Grades 9 to 12. These are designed to spark students' interests in different academic areas and prepare them for university assessments. Past classes have focused on topics as diverse as learning German to preparing
    for the SAT exams.
  3. GKA Round Talk
    To help students to reflect on their past experiences, in the fall of Grade 11, the half-way stage of their high school lives, students prepare a talk on their experiences, successes and failures to students in Grades 9 and 10. The talk allows the Grade 11 students the opportunity to think about what they have learned about themselves, and the younger students to receive advice freely from their seniors.
  4. Career Education
    Throughout their high school educations, students are given the opportunities to hear directly from universities from all over the world. In 2019 alone, we welcomed speakers from Hokkaido University, Okayama University and a consortium of European universities. Students also attend the Kanto College Fair, where universities from all over the world as well as different study-abroad agents help students to see the range of opportunities that their education at GKA has opened for them.