Preschool Tokyo

Pre-School Tokyo Guidelines

Address Gotenyama Trust Tower 1F 4 Chome-7-35 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa City, Tokyo, 140-0001

Sundays 3 times/ Month from 2pm to 3pm

  • A lesson schedule will be given with the information provided on entering the school
Qualification Children who were born between April 2, 2018 and April 1, 2019. (Children who will reach elementary school age by April 2025.)
Application Document

Application Form

  • will be distributed at school orientations or can be obtained upon request by phone or email after the school orientation.
Number of students accepted

All applicants are subject to entry.

Application Period From September 24th to October 5th
Entrance Fee 10,000yen
Tuition  Fee

Tuition is 15,000 yen/mo. Other expenses for textbooks and other materials will be requested separately.

  1. There is no entrance exam given to enter Pre-school.
  2. This class is designed to give those considering enrolment in Gunma Kokusai Academy Elementary a feel for the school’s English-language education. If you are positive about taking the entrance examinations, you can move on to the main pre-school.
  3. Pre-school students who wish to enter GKA Elementary School will take entrance exams along with non-pre-school applicants.
Send to 69-1 Nishi-honcho, Ota, Gunma 373-0033
Gunma Kokusai Academy Elementary School