After School Care

After School Care for G1 to G3 - Gakudo Club

GKA provides an after school care program (Gakudo Club) to help out working parents or others who are unable to pick up their children (G1 to G3) immediately after classes. Gakudo Club maintains a safe and comfortable environment for children and offers opportunities for experiencing various activities with other GKA students. The club sets a scheduled study time to help children develop their study habits.

Condition for Entry

  • First grade to third grade GKA student
  • Family of both parents working (must be currently working). Parents who are unable to care their children due to sickness or nursing care.
Name of the Club Gunma Kokusai Academy Gakudo Club
Form or operation Entrustment of operation to NPO Ota Family Support Center from GKA After School Care Club Parents Association and Ota city
Location Gunma Kokusai Academy Annex
69-1 Nishihonmachi, Ota, Gunma
(Mon.~ Fri. 9am~7pm)
Closing days Sun./ national holidays/ summer (Obon) vacation/ year-end and New Year holidays
  1. Weekdays
    Ota city residents 7,000 yen/mo.
    Non-residents 10,000yen/mo.
  2. Surcharge during
    vacation  350 yen/day
    (ex. Summer break)

* Bank transfer fee is not included. Surcharge will be added for overtime service.

Entry Fee 1,000 yen


Q. Is there a difference in monthly fares between city residents and out-of town residents?

A :  The city subsidy will not cover the out-of-city residents. The monthly fare will be 10,000 yen regardless of the period of admission.

Q. Can my child enroll Gakudo Club in the middle of school year?
A :  If there’s a vacancy, yes.
In this case, the monthly fare will be the same as out-of city residents. Gakudo club is operated by parent association fee, municipal, prefectural, and national subsidies.
Subsidies are calculated by the number of children in April, and the number of children enrolled in the mid-year is exempt from the calculation. Mid-term enrollees will have to pay the full fare of 10,000yen including the subsidy portion.
Q. Can I ask for occasional care?
A :  No. We do not have an occasional care system. Daily usage of the facility is one of the requirements for enrollment. We suggest to use Little clover, an after school care club operated by school.
Q. Will you deduct the fare on a month with long holidays?

A :  We will ask you to pay a fixed monthly fare regardless of the days used.

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Gakudo Club Major Events

  • Tanabata festival
  • Watermelon splitting
  • Field strolling
  • Hebigawa expedition
  • Large picture-story show
  • Halloween party
  • Christmas party
  • Mochi pounding
  • Setsubun (bean throwing)

Gakudo Club organizes events where children enjoy seasonal events and activities to connect with nature which are somewhat different from their regular school experiences.

After School Care - Little Clover

We have another after school care program called “Little Clover” open for all GKA elementary students. It provides child care during after school hours and long breaks. After parents register, they will be able to use the services simply by making an appointment by mail around noon the day before (except Sat., Sun. and holidays).

Conditions of Entry

Any GKA elementary school students are eligible to join Little Clover. No condition is applied.

Name of the Club Gunma Kokusai Academy Little Clover
Form of operation The operation is consigned to NPO Ota Family Support Center.
Location Gunma Kokusai Academy Annex
69-1 Nishihon-cho Ota, Gunma
Tel: 0276-57-8202    (Weekdays 15:00 – 18:30)
E-mail :
Closing days Sat./Sun./ national holidays/ Bon vacation/ year-end and New Year holidays
Regular/spot use You can use the service on a regular basis or irregularly as well. The regular use only during long school holidays is also available.
  1. Weekdays
    Regular basis : 12,000 yen per month
    On spot : 1,500 yen per day
  2. Long school holidays
    Regular basis : Additional fee of 300yen
    required per day
    On spot : 2,000 yen per day

∗ Other additional fees such as material costs in an event are also required.

Entrance fee Not required.


Q. What is the difference between the Little Clover and the Gakudo Club?

A :  Any GKA elementary school students are eligible to join the Little Clover while there are conditions applied for entering Gakudo Club. The club caters only for the lower grade students (G1 to G3) whose parents or guardians are in need of after school care due to employment, illness, nursing care and others.

Q. Can I use the Little Clover service on a regular basis only for a month?
A :  Yes, you can.
We have a fee schedule of the regular use only for long school holidays such as summer vacation. Please contact us for more information.
Q. Are the Little Clover students allowed to play with the Gakudo Club children?
A :  Yes. They play together in the room or the schoolyard outside of their snack and study time.
Q. How can I use the service?

A :  Please register first. You need to submit an application form.
Kindly please come to the Little Clover office after contacting us by phone. After the registration, you can make a booking by email.

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Little Clover Major Events

  • Mochi pounding
  • Cooking lesson (cake) by a professional pastry chef
  • Cooking: miso soup with pork, curry, rice balls
  • Track and field training for sports day and marathon
  • Making a picture letter
  • Knitting (cap, hair accessories, muffler and others)
  • Domino topple competition
  • Watermelon splitting
  • Day trip to Kodomono Kuni (nearby park)
  • Fun games, Halloween and Christmas parties etc.

Little Clover organizes enjoyable events where children of different ages can play together. We accept registration for Little Clover throughout the year.