School Visit

1.Condition of Acceptance

Please note that we have two campuses. The elementary school is in Nishihoncho, Ota (west of Ota Station) . The junior/senior high school is in Uchigashimacho, Ota (east of Ota station. (about 15 minutes away by car).


Day Every Thursday (From June to March only)
Time Morning session (9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)
Afternoon session (1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.)
Condition of Acceptance

We will accept

  • Schools or educational organizations
  • Members of national, prefectural and municipal Congresses and Assemblies
  • National, prefectural and municipal governmental organizations
  • Visits by other organizations/parties may be approved

∗Depending on the booking status, we might ask you/your group to join another visiting group.
∗Applicants for admission to GKA are asked to participate in school orientations. School Orientation

  1. Elementary School (brief summary of GKA, school tour, Q and A)
  2. Junior/Senior High School (brief summary of GKA, school tour, Q and A)

∗If you are interested in visiting both the Elementary and Junior / Senior High school, please ask the person in charge when you make the appointment. (Elementary and Junior/Senior High School are located at different sites).

Fee 1,000 yen for information materials. (When you visit both campuses, please pay your fee at the first school. We will prepare the same information materials.)
  1. It takes two hours for each session basically, however each session will be 1 hour 30miniutes when you visit two schools in one day.
  2. Do not videotape or photograph inside of the school. (excepts displays).

2.Booking Status of School Visits

Applications for school visit for School Year 2022 will start from June.

  • Vacant
  • Still available
  • Full
  • Not accepted

Morning session:9:30am - 11:30am
Afternoon session:1:30pm - 3:30pm

Click on or acant or vacantto a direct link for a visit request.

Morning session Afternoon session
2024/6/13 (y/m/d) Elementary
2024/6/20 (y/m/d) Elementary
2024/6/27 (y/m/d) Elementary ×
Secondary ×
2024/7/4 (y/m/d) Elementary ×
Secondary ×
2024/7/11 (y/m/d) Elementary
2024/7/18 (y/m/d) Elementary
Secondary × ×
2024/7/25 (y/m/d) Elementary
2024/8/1 (y/m/d) Elementary
2024/8/8 (y/m/d) Elementary

3.To Register

Office Business Hours 9a.m. – 5p.m. (first-come first-served basis)

Please call or email for inquires. When possible, please register 2 weeks before your planned visit.

By phone :

  1. Verify the availability of the preferred date via telephone.
  2. Make an appointment.

By email :

  1. Verify the availability of the preferred date via email.
  2. Receive the date confirmation via email.
  3. Make an appointment.

Click on ◎ or △ to a direct link for a visit request.

to be
Please submit a letter by post or email to the principal including the day when you would like to visit GKA, the purpose of your visit and the names of all members in your group.