Emergency Measures Policy

Contact Method for School Closure Due to a Natural Disaster

System for School Closure Notice

  • When the school decides to close on the previous day:
    1. When a condition is foreseeable (ex: typhoon), the school will notify home the day before the school closure. A letter is sent home, if possible. A mass e-mail system is used if a letter cannot be prepared before the students’ dismissal time.
    2. In this case, the school will be closed regardless of the weather conditions the next day.
  • Notice sent by a mass e-mail system in the morning (around 6:00am)


A Weather Warning (Keiho) is issued when there is a possible danger from gales, heavy rains, floods, windstorms, rainstorms, or heavy snow. It is different from a watch/advisory (chuiho).

When Students Arrive to School

In case the students were unaware of the closure and arrive to school

  1. The school will consider various factors and make the best possible judgment.
  2. When the school considers it is safe to let the students leave school, teachers will ensure the safety of the students by communicating with parents and giving safety instructions.

Measures for Early Dismissal Due to an Approaching Typhoon

  1. The school may cancel classes and dismiss students before public transportation systems stop, or a storm approaches the school district.
  2. The school will notify the home of early dismissal by a mass e-mail system.