1.Public Transportation System

Aside from within Gunma, students commute from areas in Tochigi and Saitama prefectures. The major means of transportation are parent’s car, bus, and train.

Links to Public Transportation Companies

2.School Bus

School Bus Route

1.To school
Elementary School (E.S.)

  • Ota Sta. South ⇒ GKA E.S.
  • Bus Terminal Ota ⇒ GKA E.S. ⇒ GKA S.S.*Ride w/ S.S. students.
  • Maebashi Sta.⇒Komagata Sta. ⇒ GKA E.S.
    Only commuting flights use the expressway from Komagata IC to Ota Yabutsuka IC.


Secondary School (S.S.)
  • Bus Terminal Ota ⇒ GKA E.S. ⇒ GKA S.S.*Ride w/ E.S. students.
  • BusTerminalOta ⇒ OtaSta.South ⇒ GKAS.S.

2.From School
Elementary School (E.S.)

  • Bus Terminal Ota ⇒ GKA E.S. ⇒ GKA S.S.*Ride w/ E.S. students. ·BusTerminalOta⇒ OtaSta.South ⇒GKAS.S.
  • GKA S.S. ⇒Komagata Sta. ⇒ Maebashi Sta.
Secondary School (S.S.)
  • GKA S.S. ⇒ Bus Terminal Ota ⇒ GKA E.S.

School Bus Fare

A monthly pass or single-ride ticket must be purchased to ride on the GKA school bus.

Elementary School (E.S.)

The elementary school bus is operated based on the number of bus riders registered in April.Therefore, as a general rule, if students start riding on the school bus, they are expected to purchase the school bus pass for a year. Bus fare is 5,500 yen per month (times 12 months). Bus passes can be purchased in installments of 3 month (18,150yen), 6 months (33,000yen) and 1-year (66,000yen).


The secondary school bus fare is 5,500yen / month, the same as the Elementary school bus. However, the bus pass is available in 1 month units.

3.Private Buses

Some parents gather like-minded members to operate private buses. In this case, the parents will be in charge, and the school will not take applications.

4.Commute by Bicycle (only for the Secondary School Students)

The secondary school students are allowed to commute by bicycle if the distance is within 4 km with school permission. Commutes exceeding 4km are possible with parents’ consent.

Home-to-School Distance

In principle, GKA students should be living with parents not more than one hour commuting distance from the school.

Living in Ota City
Lives in Gunma Prefecture (except Ota City)
Outside the Prefecture