Privacy policy

GKA privacy policy

Gunma Kokusai Academy (GKA) realizes the importance of handling personal information carefully as we establish and maintain our website on the Internet and obtain personal information via E-mail. We publicly announce and comply with our privacy policy to ensure appropriate handling of personal information based on guidelines regarding personal information protection and other applicable laws.

Utilization of personal information and others

GKA specifies the purpose of utilization of obtained personal information and ensures that such information is handled strictly within the scope necessary for the achievement of this purpose.

  1. Personal information
    GKA defines “personal information” to include the following information.

    • e-mail address
    • names, addresses, places of work, occupations and contact information of the person and/or his/her family members
    • the content of enquiries
    • other information which might enable the identification of a specific individual or the organization an individual belongs to
  2. Purpose and scope of utilization
    GKA handles personal information transmitted from users for the purpose of registering for a school orientation session, making enquiries or other, strictly within the purpose and scope stated below:

    • response to an enquiry from users
    • transferring to a name list or others used within GKA, subject to prior permission from users
  3. Exception to “purpose of utilization”
    We may handle or provide personal information beyond the scope necessary for the achievement of the originally intended purpose, subject to prior permission of users or the reason stated below:

    • cases required by laws and regulations

Handling of personal information

GKA shall not provide obtained personal information to a third party without prior permission from the users, except in the case of the following:

  1. cases required by laws and regulations

Administrative structure

  1. GKA gives only authorized persons the right of access to personal information, and the person stated below serves as the person in charge of administering personal information to fulfill confidentiality obligations.

Person in charge of administering personal information:

Educational Foundation of Ota Kokusai Gakuen
Gunma Kokusai Academy