臨時休校期間中のオンライン授業 / Online-learning during the closure period

GKA is now currently closed due to the new corona virus. However, some classes are providing online lessons to allow students to interact with teachers and other students.

When we conduct online lessons, most teachers use the service called “Zoom”.

As all students have Gmail account at GKA, they can start using online learning system without installing any additional software.

It is very helpful that both teachers and students can easily share their presentation during the online lesson.

Almost all students participated in the online lesson and received instruction from the teacher. Later, students are planning to do presentation online about their projects.

Nowadays, countless Japanese and overseas organizations have started providing their online learning resources for free for this closure period. Students may be able to utilize them as their supplementary resources as well as assignments and resources given from the school. They may use this time for reading books.

We hope all students to pay the best attention to their safety and heath, and to learn deeply using this period.