12年生:倫理の授業で初等部訪問/Grade 12: Elementary visit for ethics class

G12 students visited the elementary school as part of the ethics class.In the Ethics class for G12, students are assigned to create an 22 pages picture book as assignment from June to August. Since this is part of an assignment for an ethics class, we are asking the students to deal with ethical themes in their picture book. For example, the students are asked to consider the way of being and living as a human being from a broad perspective and from multiple perspectives, using the ideas of ancient, modern, and contemporary philosophers as clues, and to use the medium of a picture book to express their ideas on such themes as “religion, love, individuality, emotion, cognition, development, happiness, virtue, goodness, justice, duty, truth, existence, life, nature, science, technology, and culture”.


The 12th grade students were able to interact with the lower elementary students and really feel the children. The students were able to realize that they may have been trying to create something difficult without thinking about the children.


We also feel that the elementary students had an enjoyable experience talking with their older brothers and sisters, even if it was only for a short time.