Special Lecture by Ms. Mami Rudasingwa/ルダシングワ真美氏 特別講演

On Tuesday, July 19, Ms. Mami Rudasingwa gave a lecture.

 She and her husband, Mr. Gatera, have been working in Rwanda for 25 years to provide prosthetic legs free of charge.She talked about the Rwandan country and its history, how they got started, and how they have continued their activities.




 ~Student’s Comments~.

 I thought it was amazing that she was making prosthetic legs and arms for people who have lost their legs and arms and providing them free of charge. I thought that she is a kind and gentle person who cares for others and I respected her for her kindness. I thought again that I would like to be a person who can save many people from various things and be respected in the future.