令和4年度 ぐんま国際アカデミー高等部 卒業証書授与式 / GKA Graduation Ceremony 2023



On Wednesday 1st March 2023, the 10th Graduation Ceremony of Gunma Kokusai Academy Secondary School was held. 48 students in total, 38 in the IB Course 10 in the Domestic Course, completed their education and graduated. Congratulations on your graduation!

The below is the Principal’s Speech.


Honorable guests, parents, staff, and most importantly, graduates. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for joining us as we commemorate GKA’s 10th graduation ceremony.     
I am extremely grateful to share with our dear parents the greatest pleasure that today brings. And I would also like to express my sincere respect to the parents who have made great efforts in order for our graduating students to be here today. The fact that they have developed themselves at GKA is one of the most important gifts for returning the favor to their parents.
To the Class of 2023: as you go out into the world, you will be communicating not only with Japanese people, but also with people from all walks of life. There is one thing that I want you to always keep in mind when you try to communicate with others, especially people from diverse backgrounds. The meaning and definition of the words each person uses will vary from person to person. While it is important to know the literal definitions of words, it is also important to consider that the meaning of the words used by others may differ from what you understand them to mean, depending on the context. In order to grasp the true meaning of what the other person is saying, it is important to understand their ways of thinking.
Terminology, especially as it relates to skills, may vary greatly depending on a person’s level of proficiency. However, what I mean here when I say skills may not be the same as the common interpretation. For example, I think even such words as attentiveness and kindness should also be considered skills. How broadly and how deeply one thinks about it is a skill. How much perspective one has is a skill.
When I think about the meaning of words, there is one more thing I consider important.
To give you an example, when the famous Japanese baseball player Ichiro gave a baseball lesson to elementary school students, one of the students asked Ichiro a question, “What is the secret of your batting?”
Ichiro replied, “Watch the ball closely.”
The student thought to himself, “That’s a good thing Ichiro said.” Hearing this episode, I thought maybe I could have said the same kind of things as Ichiro said about batting. Because everybody knows watching the ball well is important regarding batting. But my advice would have no persuasive power even if I had said it with almost no experience of baseball.
I believe that the elementary school student was moved by Ichiro’s words because of the great efforts he had made for a long time and his brilliant achievements as a baseball player. The meaning or depth of what we say is not inseparable from the way we live our lives. The meaning and influential power of words depend on who says them.
Needless to say, those people who constantly tell a lie, always change their minds, or neglect to do their duties, cannot have their words be meaningful. These are the things that can be applied to all the occasions when we have a conversation with others.
I really hope you will improve your ways of living and enhance your characters so that you can inspire happiness of the people around you.
Finally, I would like to say to all of you, I will be praying for all of you. The meaning of the word ‘pray’ may be different from what you think of. I’m not using the word ‘pray’ with a religious association. For me, ‘to pray for someone’ is just to keep the person in my mind, and to pay continuous attention to the person. I will be praying for each of you wherever you are.
Congratulations, graduates. May God bless you all. Thank you for listening.