植物の育ち方・Grade 3 Learning the plant’s life cycle




In their science experiment, the 3rd-grade students enthusiastically planted a variety of crops including Okra, Sunflowers, Soybeans, and Touch-Me-Not plants. 

Each morning, as the 3rd-grade students eagerly gathered around their garden, they marveled at the incredible changes occurring in their plants. The students water their plants regularly, and expose them to the nourishing sunlight. It is through this hands-on experience that they develop a deeper understanding of the life cycle of plants and foster a lifelong appreciation for the beauty and miracles of nature.

This experiment provides the students with a valuable opportunity to learn about the growth and changes that occur in plants. Throughout this process, the students are able to carefully observe how plants develop from seed, seed leaf, seedling, and plant with flower and fruit.