教員研修・Teachers’ Professional Development

流通経済大学スポーツ健康科学部教授(スポーツ医学)であり、一般社団法人 PHICIS JAPAN代表理事でもある山田睦雄博士に来校いただき、救急救命の研修を実施しました。



Dr. Mutsuo Yamada, a professor of Sports Medicine at the College of Sports and Health Science, Ryutsu Keizai University, and director of PHICIS JAPAN (Pre-Hospital Immediate Care in Sports), visited our school and conducted training in first aid.

The teachers learned various methods of first aid for cases of unconsciousness and injuries to the neck and internal injuries.

We hope there will never be a case where these skills need to be used within the school, but it is important to be prepared. GKA will continue to provide training in protecting children in the future.