GKAアメリカデイ・GKA America Day

7月4日、アメリカ人は “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave… “という象徴的な歌詞の国歌を誇らしげに歌います。この国際的に認知された国歌には大きな意味があります。

4年生の児童たちは、「GKAアメリカデイ」にちなんで、米国のもう一つの有名な歌、「America the Beautiful」のベースラインを学びました。子どもたちは直感を頼りに、ベースラインをマスターし、自信を持って歌いました。練習では、子どもたちはグループを作り、木琴でベースラインを演奏しました。最後には、クラス全員の声と楽器演奏がひとつになり、ベースラインのハーモニーを奏でています。


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On July 4th, Americans proudly sing the national anthem, with its iconic line, “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave…” This internationally recognized anthem holds great significance.

During GKA’s “America Day,” Grade 4 students embraced the patriotic spirit by learning the bassline of another beloved American song, “America the Beautiful.” By relying on their musical intuition, the students successfully mastered the bassline, singing it with confidence. To further enhance their musical abilities, they formed groups and skillfully played the bassline on xylophones. Finally, the entire class united their voices and instruments, creating a harmonious rendition of the bassline.

Developing the capacity to sing and play various song basslines is a valuable skill for GKA students. As they progress through their education, this foundation will empower them to explore improvisation and composition, fostering their creativity and musical prowess.