マインクラフトカップへの参加・A team from GKA has entered the 2023 Minecraft Cup


2年連続でGKAの児童がチームを作り、日本全国で行われる「マインクラフトカップ」に参加することになりました。 昨年は全国で4,000チーム以上が参加した大会です。




登録や投票の予定がなくても、私たちのチーム、GKA SDG’s Rangersの作品を楽しんでください。クリーンエネルギーで動く町、持続可能な材料で建てられた町、男女平等をさらに実現していく町を想像するのは楽しい挑戦でした。


Dear GKA Families and Friends,


For the 2nd year in a row, GKA students have created a team and joined the Minecraft Cup, a national contest across Japan.  Last year, over 4,000 entries were registered nationwide.


This year, there were 27 entries in the Kita-Kanto division for grades 5 and 6.  You can follow this link to see the work of all the competitors from our division.


Alternatively, you can use this link to jump directly to our GKA team’s submission.


To advance to the second round of competition, our team’s entry must win votes during the PEER VOTING period that ends on September 25th.  By registering your email address with the Minecraft Cup, anyone can cast a vote, and it would really help us in the competition.  Here is the link to register your email address and be eligible to vote.

Even if you don’t plan to register and vote, please take a minute to enjoy the finished work from our team, the GKA SDG’s Rangers.  It was a fun challenge to imagine a town powered by clean energy, built with sustainable materials, and dedicated to gender equality.

Thank you for supporting our team!