福島先生の紹介(生徒の希望による)・Welcome, Mr. Fukushima! (per student request)





Introducing Mr. Fukushima, a dedicated teacher trainee from Tsuru University, currently imparting knowledge to 6C throughout the entire month of September.

Mr. Fukushima is a proud graduate of GKA and, interestingly, he walked the halls of this very elementary school a decade ago. Among his cherished memories, a standout moment was his transformative trip to Australia. Navigating life away from his parents, he encountered challenges and uncertainties, yet he emerged stronger and more independent, cherishing the invaluable lesson of decisive self-reliance.

In a heartfelt message to all elementary students, Mr. Fukushima shares, “Though your time here may feel long, in reality, it’s fleeting. Seize every moment, create lasting memories, and make the most of this remarkable journey.”