キッズA-Zチャレンジのワールドチャンピオン!・Kids A-Z Challenge’s World Champions!

先月、GKAの児童たちはユニセフとReading A to Zが主催するチャリティーキャンペーンに参加しました。ちなみにReading A to Zとは本校で1-3学年が使用しているオンラインの読書教材で、子ども達は学習後に「星」を獲得し、その星を利用してサイト内の背景をカスタムしたり、アバターを装飾したりできます。


この度、GKAの2A学級は、英語を母国語とする学校とも競争し、 2,957,000の星を寄付することができ、スター・ドネーション・チャレンジのチャンピオンとして認められました!


This past month, GKA students took part in a charitable campaign organized by UNICEF and Reading A to Z, the company that provides our 1st-3rd graders with their online reading study tool, Kids A to Z. By reading stories and completing comprehension exercises, students earn ‘stars’ that serve as currency for purchasing fun accessories (background decorations, and avatar customizations). During the Star Donation Challenge, however, the stars could be donated for the purchase of water, food, and school supplies for impoverished children around the world.  There was even a provision for donating funds for the construction of schools!

Competing against schools with native English speakers, GKA’s 2A class made 2,957,000 donations to earn global recognition as a champion of the Star Donation Challenge event!  

GKA is proud of our grade 1 to 3 students who contributed to the final global totals of 112,587 meals, 773,660 days of clean water for 1 person, and 113,757 sets of school supplies for children in need.