New school year has begun ! 新年度がはじまりました!

Secondary school -Opening ceremony! / 中高等部始業式!

The bell tolls, not just for a new class, but for a whole new semester! Here at GKA, we’re thrilled to welcome back our amazing students – well-rested and ready to dive back into the world of inquiry and intellectual challenges.

The school is also excited to welcome twelve new teachers this year. Coming from diverse backgrounds and various countries, they’re eager to share their knowledge with the GKA student body.

On this beautiful spring morning, we held a ceremony to celebrate a milestone for our students. The G10 students have advanced to Senior High School, and the G7 students have moved on to upper secondary school. Congratulations to all!

We also extend our congratulations to the G8, G9, G11, and G12 students who continue their journeys at GKA. We hope this year brings a wealth of wonderful learning experiences for everyone!

新しいクラスだけでなく、新しい学期の鐘が鳴る!ここGKAでは、素晴らしい生徒たちが戻ってくるのを心待ちにしています。- GKAでは、素晴らしい生徒たちを迎え入れ、探究心と知的挑戦の世界に飛び込む準備が整ったことを嬉しく思っています。