映画教育シンポジウム@早稲田大学/ Film Education Symposium@Waseda University



日時:2020年1月11日(土) 14:00~17:00(開場13:30)
会場:早稲田大学 小野記念講堂(〒169-0071 東京都新宿区戸塚町1-103)※「教育美術振興会」

In Grade 10, we have our special film making class called “Globe”.

On January 11th, GKA students are invited to the film education symposium at Waseda university and going to give a presentation. Mr. Atsuhiko Suwa who is our Globe’s guest teacher(a professor at Tokyo University of the Art) , Mr. Kohei Ando (an emeritus professor at Waseda University) and GKA students are going to have a panel discussion.

It is free of charge, please come and see them.