剣道の授業風景 / Kendo Lesson

GKAでは7年生と8年生の時に剣道を学びます。ほとんどの7年生は剣道の経験がなく、授業での剣道が初めてという生徒がほとんどです。 しかしながら、ホグワイド先生の授業によって生徒たちはたった三回の授業で剣道の防具を身に着けることができました。剣道の防具を身に着けるのはとても複雑です。剣道特有のヒモの結び方があります。生徒は一生懸命覚えました。
体育主任 坂本

Kendo season has come !!
 7th and 8th grade students are learning Kendo in their PE lessons.

Almost all 7th graders haven’t experienced Kendo before so it was the first time for many of them.

However, they have been able to put on the Kendo armor (Bogu) correctly. Mr. Hogeweide has taught them how to do it in only 3 lessons.

Putting on the Bogu is very complicated.  There are some difficult knots to tie. I appreciate the hard work by the students.

Please continue to try your best and enjoy learning Kendo!
PE dep. Head Sakamoto