全く何も学ばないことは可能か?/Is it ever possible to learn nothing?



この生徒たちはEnglish B(English Aよりは難しくないですが)を取っており、動画から見られる即座に考えをまとめ意見する流暢さは、高校までGKAで英語漬けで学習する生徒にとって、憧れと言えると思います。


This is a little warm-up activity that some of our Grade 11 IB students did in class to prepare for an upcoming debate.

The students were given a different question that they had not seen before and had to do an on-the-spot debate, with one student arguing for, one against, and one acting as chair.

These students take English B – not the more difficult English A – so it is fair to say that the quick-thinking fluency that they are showing is a normal aspiration for students that stay immersed in English at GKA until High School.