平成30年度第40回群馬県中学校新人バドミントン大会 / H30 Gunma Prefecture JH School Autumn Badminton Competition

10 月27日(土)、28日(日)は県大会でした。



Badminton Prefectural Competition was held on Saturday, October 27th and the following Sunday.

The men’s doubles played against Takasaki Hachiman Junior High School in the first round and was able to win by 15-13, 15-11. In the second round, they fought against the second strongest pair in the prefecture, and lost by 7-15, 7-15.

Women’s doubles played against Kiryu Seiryu Junior High School in the first round and got into full games by 15-9, 9-15, 12-15, but could not win. Our next competition is held in spring. We will improve our performance to win the place next time.