中学生が「TEDx」開催へ/Jr. High students are going to hold a TEDx event









Four of our 9th grade students are preparing for a TEDx event for this December. TEDx is a presentation event originated in the United States.

The students directly contacted the steering organization of TED and negotiated for permission to hold the event.

So  far, TED events have been held in Japan several times, but most of them were organized by adults. This event may be the first one in Japan  organized by the junior high school students.

GKA  students are already familiar with TED since it is shown in class.

A broad range  of speakers appear on TED,  from the former President of  the United States to the head of NPO, and even  ordinary people. They prepare lectures to express their opinions and viewpoints. Then, the lectures are distributed online.

In hope to “identify” the “identity”, the students decided “identit(f)y” as the theme of their TEDx.

One  student said, ” Negotiating with  companies to appear on stage is really helping us learn and grow. I would like to be engaged in and be absorbed with new ideas and view points, and take this chance as an opportunity to reflect about myself.”