「未踏」事業採択にかかる記者会見開催 / Press Conference to report the “unexplored” project






Shutaro Aoyama, an 11th grade student, has been invited to participate in the “未踏(Mitou)” program run by the IPA (Information-Technology Promotion Agency), under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry with his proposal named “Development of a visual notebook that manipulates time”. We held a press conference to report this.

The aim of this “未踏 (Mitou)” project is to “discover and nurture genius creators in Japan who will change the world by utilizing IT.” (From the website of IPA)
He went through the process of submitting a proposal, reviewing the documentation, and presentation in front of project managers, and as a result, the proposal will be financially supported and he will be provided with mentoring from a project manager, Professor Inami of the University of Tokyo Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology Development.

Shutaro was also applying at the same time for the “未踏ジュニア (Mitou Junior)” program, which is targeted at students under 17 years old, but his proposal was selected for the “未踏(Mitou)”which is aimed at mainly college students /Graduate students (under 25 years old).

During the press conference, Secondary Principal Mr.Kaneko told the school thought to encourage students to challenge outside the school actively.