前期終業式校長講話 2019年9月27日 Principal’s Address at Secondary School First Semester Closing Ceremony September, 27th, 2019

Good afternoon everyone. We are halfway through this academic year.
During the summer holiday, I took part in a three-day IB workshop
held in Sendai in the Tohoku region. I learned a lot about IB education and had good chances to meet principals and coordinators of other schools that are implementing the Middle Years Program (MYP) or IB Diploma Program (DP) in Japan. While exchanging useful information with one another, I realized that the other IB schools in Japan, usually, only have one IB class and the rest are using the common style of Japan’s education. Surprisingly, our school is one of the few schools that are implementing IB education in its entire school. So, I am very proud to say that GKA is now one of the leading IB schools in Japan.
We began to implement the MYP program this academic year.
The Middle Years Program is not a special kind of curriculum, rather a genuine approach to education in which students acquire learning skills to make their minds work more actively and gain skills to improve themselves; for example, interpersonal skills needed to live harmoniously with every member of society.
It is certainly true that apart from acquiring knowledge, it is necessary to learn the skills to “live”.
In the past, acquiring knowledge had mainly been the focus of Japan’s education and it seemed that “skills” were basically being self-learned by students. IB education is different. In addition to acquiring knowledge, it is highly focused on acquiring skills.
Without good skills, it would be difficult to achieve goals.
In my last speech, I suggested everyone to determine an ultimate goal. If you have one, please give it a thought once again. Having a goal is vital in living a fruitful life.
To take an instance, is your ultimate goal to become a doctor? Is your only goal to be able to pass the university entrance examination for medical school? Or to become a well-trusted doctor who is very dedicated in treating every patient regardless of age, gender, race, religion, and financial capacity? Which of these two goals would you choose in order to make a great difference in life?
The first semester officially ends today. I am wishing you a wonderful autumn break, and would like everyone to make the best use of it.
Thank you for listening.