<4年生の理科「人の体と運動」 Grade 4, Science “Our Bodies and Their Movement”>

Please watch the videos and slides which the 4th graders created by clicking the following slides (photos).


===== 学習内容の詳細 Detailed information about the learning task =====
Unit 7 Our Bodies and Their Movement

The grade 4 students were given a copy of a google slide template via google classroom about their favorite activity or sports, and how muscles in their arms or legs, or both move when they do a particular task.

For example, when arms are bent, the top muscles (biceps) tighten and the bottom muscles (triceps) loosen.

One of the students extended the assignment by explaining his favorite sport, which is skateboarding, using more googles slides and dubbed using flipgrid.

① スケートボードをしている時の、足の筋肉の活発な動き
② 足を使うことができない人が、スケートボードをする時の腕の筋肉について
He had two main points in his presentation:
a. the muscles in the legs that are active when skateboarding
b. the muscles in the arms of the people who can’t use their legs when skateboarding