高等部陸上部: 第15回U18陸上競技大会報告/ U18 Track and Field Championship


Yosuke Todome (grade 11) from our school competed in the U18 Boys 300m at the JOC Junior Olympic Cup 15th Track and Field competition held at Ninginia studium in Ehime pre. on October 22~24.


The participation conditions for this event were to break the standard record and be in the top 40 in the national ranking, and the national ranking before the race was 10th, which cleared both conditions and allowed to participate in the main race.


On the day of the race, due to the strong wind, it lost the qualifying round with a time of 36.13 seconds. It was a bitter result.



Next year will be the last season. Let’s hope for the Inter High competition.

Thank you and please continue to support the track and field club.