群馬県知事が本校を訪問されました Prefecture Governor visited GKA









On Wednesday, 21st June, the Governor of Gunma Prefecture, the Head of the Education Board of Gunma Prefecture and other education officials visited GKA Secondary School. The visit was broadcast on Gunma Television and is also available on YouTube. Please watch it if you have time.

Similar content was also published in Jomo Newspaper on 22 June.


<Why they visited GKA?>

 Gunma Prefecture is aiming to build a ‘Gunma Model’ for developing ‘non-cognitive skills’ (i.e. socio-emotional skills, EQ) such as the ability to work with others and achieve goals, and the Gunma Prefecture General Education Conference was held at GKA Secondary School to discuss initiatives towards this end.

 The Principal Mr.Kaneko participated in the meeting as an expert and exchanged views on the development of non-cognitive skills using the International Baccalaureate (IB).

  It is a great honor that this annual meeting, which discusses and coordinates the formulation of the prefectural education outline and priority education measures, was held at our school, and we will continue to put it into practice to serve as a model for other schools in the future.