共生の街太田PR映画「サルビア」/Ota City Promotion Film “Salvia”


映画には太田市出身の俳優の 岡田浩暉 さんをはじめ、本校9年生の生徒も出演しています。



Ota city promotion short film “Salvia” has started its filming with a direction of Mr. Oda, who is one of our teachers at GKA.

Koki Okada, who is an actor from Ota city and our 9th grade student are playing important roles in the film.

Mr. Oda is not only a teacher at our school but also works as a photographer and a movie director, and is currently studying in a graduate school to deepen his knowledge about film making.

The theme of the film is symbiosis with foreigners.