冬休み明け全校集会校長講話 2020年1月8日 Principal’s Address at the School Assembly After the Winter Break January, 8th, 2020

Good morning all!
The new year 2020 has begun. The long-awaited Tokyo Olympic Games will be held this year. More than half a century ago, the Olympic Games were held for the first time in Japan when I was eight years old. It was very impressive that I still clearly remember many of the moving scenes of amazing games, matches, and performances. I was so excited and thrilled to see the power and skills of Olympic athletes on television.
At that time, Japan was on the way to developing the economy. It was a turning point for Japanese society to begin to move forward from the destruction by war to economic prosperity. But we should not forget that economic growth wasn’t achieved so easily. It was brought about by Japanese workers who diligently worked and constantly improved their skills with creative thinking.
The Tokyo Olympic Games will take place again. I am wondering what kind of turning point it will be this time. It is obviously true that Japan will hold great attention from people from all over the world about more than just the games. Japanese culture will be seen from all over. So, it’ll be a good time for us to think about “culture and identity”.
I believe the world you’ll live in won’t be just like a monotonous, one-colored cloth but a colorful tapestry which is beautifully woven with various kinds of threads. Each thread is identity. I wish 2020 to be a year for every student to think globally, based on each one’s identity.
Thank you for listening.

オリンピックが再び日本にやってきます。今度は日本にとってどのような節目になるのでしょうか? ただ、明らかなのは、日本が世界中の人々の目が競技以外にも注がれるということです。特に日本の文化に対してです。ですから、皆さんにとっても2020年がそれぞれの国の文化とアイデンティティについて考える絶好の機会になると思います。