3年生 英語「G.K.A. is a Fine Fine School.」 Grade 3, English “G.K.A. is a Fine Fine School.”

英語の教科書の「Fine, Fine School」という物語に刺激を受けて、3年生は自分達が考える「G.K.A.の良いところ」をポスターにまとめました。

Inspired by the story “Fine, Fine School” from the ELA textbook, Grade 3 students created posters expressing what they think is good about G.K.A.
Students worked together in small groups, composing questions to ask teachers on why G.K.A. is a fine school.
The students practiced their questions before the interviews, and they tried their best to listen and record the different teachers’ responses.
The posters made by the third graders are displayed in front of their homerooms and give them a sense of pride in their work.