GPSA参加生徒からのビデオメッセージ / Video message from the participants of GPSA 2020

While many extracurricular programs have been cancelled due to the new coronavirus, students in GKA Secondary School have been challenged with a variety of extracurricular activities that can be done online.
One of these was the summer 2020 GPSA, a program sponsored by Duke University and Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. for high school students who want to study public health.
Until last year, the students actually visited medical facilities in the United States, but this year the program was held online.
As part of the program, we would like to introduce a video message created by our students.Please take a look at the video messages created by our students.


GPSA is an organization which provides educational collaboration programs with Duke University and Johns Hopkins University.This summer, Ryota (G12), Emma (G11) and Akari (G11) participated in GPSA Online Summer Course, Response to Global Pandemic. In 2 weeks, we learnt the basics of pathophysiology, epidemiology of infectious disease, global health, and what “health” is. The program included the student-initiative independent (group) project which was reviewed by GPSA staff and Dr.Malkin from Duke University. As a part of the project where we tried to set up a pandemic prevention/response system at GKA, Akari created an 8-minute video regarding preventative measures. The video covers the basics of infectious diseases, nutrition and handwashing, broken down into simple words so that all students can understand and practise. Enjoy and stay safe!