Civictech Challenge Cup U-22 大賞受賞!/ Grand Prize Winner

On October 8th, six volunteers from our school’s Digitalization Committee participated in the Civictech Challenge Cup U-22, a development contest for students, and won both the Grand Prize and the PLAID Prize (company prize).

10月8日に行われた学生向け開発コンテスト「Civictech Challenge Cup U-22」にて、本校生徒会のDigitalization Committee(デジタル委員会)の有志生徒6名が出場し、大賞とPLAID賞(企業賞)をダブル受賞しました。

Civictech is a combination of the words Civic (citizen) and Tech (technology), and refers to the efforts of citizens to solve social issues by using technology. While Japan was in turmoil due to the shortage of masks last year, Taiwan developed and utilized a mask supply system in a few days, which is known as one of the representative examples of civictech.


The award was given not only for the product developed, but also for the Civictech activities and DX that the Digital Committee is involved in within the school. Although most of the members were beginners in programming, they were able to learn and program each other within the committee, which led to this award.