レゴ・ボルボチャレンジ LEGO “Volvo Challenge”

Here is the link to the 20-minute video…

このチャレンジの公開動画のリンク: (20分間)


The GKA Dream Builders had a busy but successful First Lego League season placing second overall at the Japan Open national competition in February and participating in the Asia Pacific Open Championship (APOC) in Australia in July where they received the second place award for robot design.



In between the Japan Open and APOC, from February to June, the team of grade 7 Haruto Sakamaki, and grade 6 Niko Tsukagoshi, Yuma Sato, Lucas Ishihara, Alec Ishihara, Tomoki Yamashita, and Karera Osuga were invited to participate in a project in which 4 teams from around the world (USA, Sweden, Nigeria, Japan) would collaborate to design a robot made of Lego parts that could pull a 50-ton articulated hauler, the Volvo A60H, nick-named “the Beast”, 50 metres.

その二つの競技のあいだの2月から6月にかけて、チームメンバーである中学1年の坂巻 晴音、小学6年の石原ルーカス友輝、石原アレック真輝、大須賀カレラ、佐藤悠磨、山下知輝、塚越 仁湖は、その他アメリカ、スウェーデン、ナイジェリアの3か国の代表として選ばれたFLLチームとのコラボレーションプロジェクトへの参加に招待されました。レゴパーツだけで重量43トンの世界最大のアーティキュレート式運搬車のボルボA60Hを50メートル動かせるロボットを作る挑戦に参加しました。※資料参照


Students researched the capabilities of the Lego motors and many engineering techniques and tested various designs. They had video meetings with other teams and engineers from both Lego and Volvo (and an astronaut!) and shared ideas by email and Google Slides, all in English.

児童たちはレゴのモーターの可能性とギアやその他の工学技術を研究したり、いろいろなデザインを工夫したり、試したりしました。 他のチームやレゴ、ボルボのエンジニアとのビデオチャット、メール、Googleスライドなどでアイデアを交換したり、アドバイスをもらったりとコミュニケーションは全て英語で行われました!


In the end, a final design was agreed upon and sent to the Lego engineers to build. After a failed first attempt at pulling the Beast (into which they added 50 tons of rocks, doubling the pull weight) and a few tweaks to the design and number of connected robots, the mission was a success!



Gunma Kokusai Academy would like to recognise the hard work, ingenuity, and persistence of these young people and the support of their families. Way to go everybody!


Lawrence Jones